"We live in an old property with very bad plumbing. Peter has done a superb job sorting out all the problems we had and modernising our plumbing. He also installed a new bathroom in our extension. All his plumbing work is done to an extremely high, professional standard. He is very courteous and charming and is a pleasure to have around the house. We highly recommend him."
Richard & Gill Martin, Beyton
"Our house was built in 1930. The kitchen was not good; there was a wall of bricks with a chimney. Peter took this all down and supported the rest of the chimney to the roof. Then he designed a kitchen for us, giving us a lot more room. Peter also supplied the kitchen which we chose. He then redesigned our bathroom again to give us more room. His workmanship is of a high standard. He was tidy at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend him."
Dave & Kim, Thetford
"Peter installed a new water softener at our premises, after responding to my SOS after a serious flood was discovered in July 2009. He was kind, reassuring and confident in his workmanship, and did everything in his power to endure a highly satisfactory replacement job. Peter is a pleasant, thoughtful, reliable person to have on the premises, hardworking and cheerful. I have recommended his work to others in the village with utmost confidence. Peter has also been supportive of my full-time fundraising for the Children's Society, together with his wife. My day brightens when he arrives for a visit."
Julia Briggs, Gt. Barton
"I write to thank you for the work you took on at my home last month which involved removing the existing radiator in our En-Suite and replacing it with a heated towel rail. In addition, mid stream in your work, my wife and I decided to have the radiator in our water closet changed to a heated towel rail as well. You took on board both jobs and accomplished them in a highly professional manner. I am pleased to also comment that your punctuality, timeliness, tidiness and thoroughness displayed gives great credit to your company and its representation. My wife and I are very pleased with the alterations, especially the warm towels in the morning and it serves as a nice reminder you did the work."
Gary, Beck Row
"I must congratulate Peter for rescuing me after midnight when I discovered water running down my kitchen wall. The problem was caused by me. I had accidentally hammered a nail through a water pipe when nailing a carpet/tile joining strip to the floor between my bedroom and en suite. When I phoned Peter he talked me through the process to isolate the water feed. He wanted to try and save me the cost of him working at the nightly rate. However, it did not take him long to realise I needed rescuing and was at my door within twenty minutes. He swiftly got into action and found that my nail had pierced the central heating pipe. Peter was so professional and methodical and explained the process to facilitate and complete the repair to the pipe. He left at 2.45am leaving the heating up and running again. This was to be an insurance claim so Peter provided me with an estimate from his building company, PC Builders, for the repair to the flooring etc. I also obtained another quotation. The PC Building estimate was accepted by the assessors and Peter went out of his way to complete the work as quickly as possible. He did such a good job you wouldn't know there had been a problem. I felt very confident in Peter's trustworthiness and was happy to leave him on his own in my home. He was very polite, professional, a clean and tidy worker and I would recommend him to anyone who had a plumbing or building requirement. Its good to have such a good reliable local company. "
Damsel in Distress, Ixworth
"Check your water bills everyone! Mine was £200 more than last! When I called Anglia Water, the instructions to turn this off, check that went on and on, forget it! I called Peter who came very shortly after. Within the hour he had done all the checks and even spoke to Anglia to answer all those 'techie' questions. I also had no idea, until he informed me, that we are entitled to one free repair, whoopee! He is a gem, so efficient not wasting a minute, worth every penny, apart from all that, between running in and out, he is amusing, makes a change from your average plumber, which he most definitely is NOT!"
Suze Bower, Ixworth
"Just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did today. I know it wasn't complicated for you to do but meant a lot to me especially as you gave such a full explanation, and a tip on how to help myself in future. I called you because you had fitted the toilet originally in 2008. I was reassured to see that you were still in business and had taken the trouble to update the ways you could be contacted by having a website and email address. Whilst as you say it is lovely to have a room you can relax in it is also one which can creat panic if it doesn't work properly so your skills are vital to the householder. It was lovely to hear you had mentored someone else starting their own business as it shows a generous public spirited side to your nature. I hope you continue to be busy and happy in your work and available if needed again."

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