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When there’s water pouring through the ceiling at 12.30 in the morning you want to know that if you ring an emergency plumber he will do his best to get to you as quick as possible and if appropriate that he would advise you how to minimise the damage to your home by turning the right stopcock, gate valve or isolation valve off.

A plumbing emergency can come in many forms and at any time of the day so to have a reliable plumber only a phone call away is very reassuring, especially when you know that as a local independent emergency plumber you are actually talking to the person who will be dealing with the emergency and not to a call centre operative who will then have to allocate the emergency to the 1st available plumber.

With so many aspects of water appliances in today’s homes and places of employment you want to know that the emergency plumber you’ve decided to call has the experience to deal with your emergency on the very first visit and not have to keep coming back to alleviate the problem.

From dripping taps, blocked toilets, central heating pumps, bidets, baths and basins, electric showers and shower mixers in fact all of the plumbing contained in your home or work place, when it decides to let you down, you need to know that there’s a reliable plumber that you can call.

So when it’s time for you to call an emergency plumber you will need a professional and competent company to take care of your plumbing emergency.


Look no further than Peter from FIXALEAK (Anglia) Ltd for a truly personal touch.




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