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Rely on FIXALEAK to maintain your heating system in full working order or upgrade to a more modern boiler and save on you heating bills.

A central heating system comprises of many components, almost all of which can be either serviced or replaced so when something stops working or fails to react to a command or request it can normally be traced to a faulty component and swiftly be replaced.

Sometimes a simple blockage can be the cause of the breakdown which would normally require the boiler and system to be mechanically flushed and treated with cleansing agents and inhibitors.

As with most things if the initial installation was incorrect then the problem may be more extensive and would sometimes be better to replace the complete installation rather than a never ending repair bill.

With so many new systems available today we have to ascertain the client’s needs and expectations for the future use of any new installation and then design the most efficient system for the present and future.

So when it’s time for you to upgrade your present central heating system or replace a redundant system you will need a professional and competent company to take care of your central heating needs.


Look no further than Peter from FIXALEAK (Anglia) Ltd for a truly personal touch.




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